Safe Sea is an excellent body glide – test at Gothenburg Triathlon

Right now I got the first report from a triathlon competition – Göteborg Triathlon – Safe Sea protective lotion works perfectly well as body glide too.

Vill rapportera att krämen var GRYM!!!! Inget skav någon stans!!
I want to report that the lotion was incredible!!!! No burns any where!!

Joacim von Wowern

I used Safe Sea as bodyglide all last summer without knowing why it worked so excellent. This winter when designing new labels I understood that the first line defense system for jellyfish has the same substances as in “ordinary” lubricant bodyglide that prevent from burns from sport equipment.

I have let friends trying it for OW swimming – all tests has been excellent. No burns.

On top of these excellent attributes – bodyglide and jellyfish sting protection – Safe Sea is an excellent skin caring product helping the skin keep the moisture even when it is getting rough. Salt, wind and sun is breaking down the skin. Safe Sea improve your skin since it helps protecting, keep it moisture, helps repairing and calms a sore skin.

If you consider using an ordinary lub as jellyfish protection consider then that Safe Sea:

  • is created for being used all over your body, it is dermatological tested
  • also has a second and third line defense system that makes it so much better than a lub when keeping jellyfish away
  • is cheaper per milliliter than ordinary lub
  • is created for a tropical climate meaning really salty water and sweat which probably makes it performing even better when racing for several hours

Besides carrying only one bottle makes life more simple!

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