I am in charge backed up by health care – swimming with cast

I might go to the swimcamp after after all

To my big suprise the nurse removing my old cast and putting on a new plastic one today opened the door to “heaven”. The previous visit to checkup the healing process was a disappointment. The broken bone healed extremely well but neither that doctor nor her supervisor approved swimming this early. So I was counting down and prepared to cancel the swimcamp even if I recall what my first doctor said the night it happened. He said: “The cast is so good that you cannot jeopardize the fracture and healing”

The plaster nurse wrapped me up in plastic COMCAST plaster and sent me to a new x-ray. Then she and two orthopaedist scrutinized the screen. The bones align perfectly well. The healing process is perfect. They said “Go if it doesn’t hurt. Nothing can happen!”

The plaster dries up very quickly. I must however flush out salt, sand, shower cream or whatever with a shower as soon as I am done.

If something extraordinary gets inside or if my arm stars to swell the plaster must be opened but can easily be put together again. There is a lady joining camp that works with this material and will bring some if needed.

It feels good that nothing else stops me from going to the swimcamp except for comfort and pain. If It hurts – I will not go. I will take the first dip tonight but I do not expect any big swim experience. I simply long for my friends and the water.

It feels good to be in charge backed up by healthcare!