Partners and retailers

Swimalong do business mainly in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Swimalong focus on the sport segment and is the ones delivering individual private orders.

Product information about Safe Sea:

  • is moisturizing, skin caring and contains several anti-ageing substances for example plankton extract, glypoproteins and glycosaminoglycans.
  • contains Castor oil that has a anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial/anti-viral effect.
  • is an effective body-glide preventing burns from sport equipment, contains silicons making it
  • gives a very effective protection from jellyfish stings. Read more>
  • does not contain sun blocker
  • is approved for selling within EU
  • does not contain parabens
  • contains 118 ml. If you use Safe Sea on your entire body one bottle will last for three to approximately three-four applications
  • has a shelf life of  3 years


Swimalong is looking for sports related retailers in the Nordic countries. I want to be in touch with business owners, web shop owners, event managers, members of a swim clubs or any kind of network where a product like Safe Sea can be sold.

If you are a candidate or know anyone please be in touch.