Avoid stings and burns from jellyfish, sports equipment and the sun

Safe Sea is a moisturizing and nourishing lotion with a sunscreen SPF 40. The agent contains substances that create a slippery surface that protects against both burns from sport equipment and most varieties of jellyfish and sea lice.

It is an excellent skin caring product as well containing several anti-ageing substances that actually belongs to the jellyfish sting disabling system. That is why you not need to pay beauty shop prices for it. More about skin care>

Safe sea is clinically tested for swims up to 80 minutes.

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How to use

Apply generously about ten minutes before swim. Do not forget spots like neck, nose, backside of arms etc. The lotion blends nicely with your skin.

If you apply the lotion all over your body a bottle lasts for approximately three to four swims. If you swim with wetsuit and you are only exposing hands, feet and face – one bottle will last very long.

If you swim for longer than 80 minutes you must reapply the lotion to keep maximum effect.

Buy some more bottles if you are not sure how much you need. Safe Sea can stay on the shelf for three years.

Apply Safe Sea on unprotected areas. If you have problems with neck burns from your wetsuit you can use Safe Sea as a lubrication.

If you are about to compete and your start number will be written on your skin – avoid Safe sea both beneath and on top of the marking. That spot has to be unprotected otherwise the number mark will be washed away

Tropical waters
If you swim in tropical water where there are sea lice present – apply beneath your swimsuit or wetsuit.

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