Safe Sea makes feel good and look good

Beside the documented jellyfish sting protective effect and sunshield SPF 40 Safe Sea lotion also is a body glide preventing burns by your equipment and a cosmetic lotion helping you skin to manage the wind, salt and sun.

  • A cosmetic lotion
    Safe Sea has an amazing capacity to keep the skin hydrated, giving it a nice shine. It also contains several substances said to slowing down skin ageing process and even helping the skin to recreate collagen and elastatin.Hydrogenerated Castor oil is in Safe Sea as well. It helps stopping inflammatory processes and calm your skin if you are sun burnt or have got other kinds of blemishes. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • A body glide
    Safe sea prevents burns by wetsuit or other sports equipment. This is a very nice effect of the first barrier shelter Safe Sea has for jellyfish stings. You can use it in your neck to avoid getting burnt by you wet suit. I have used it all summer 2016 – it works

More about the cometics
Some of the cosmetic substances are: glypo proteins (anti ageing, reducing wrinkles), glycosaminoglycans  (anti ageing, keeping the collagen and elastin of the skin in good condition, helps the skin retain moisture), propylene glycol (helping the skin retain moisture),  plankton extract (supports skin regeneration and helps keeping your skin in a good condition), cyclopentasiloxane  (removes wrinkles, skin blemishes, softens the skin by keeping moisture locked in, an excellent lubricant that stretches water layers on the surface of  the skin)

More about the blody glide effect
Cyclopentasiloxane is a well known lubricant. Combined with other silicone substances like dimethicone Safe Sea is an excellent body glide which will stop you from getting burnt in the neck by your wet suit.

Safe Sea makes you feel good – by not getting stung by jellyfish and not burnt by your equipment – and and look good by it´s moisturizing effect, anti ageing and anti-inflammatory substances.