Safety: Can you spot the swimmer?

An open man came swimming from south. Where did he go?

Do you want to swim without getting stung by jellyfish?
I sat on the beach enjoying the sun, a cup of coffe and the view. An open water swimmer came swimming from south. He had a black suit and a red cap.  It was right before Tjörn Triathlon so I presume it was his last chance to get fit.

There wasn´t much wind but the sun and the waves created the most annoying sun gate. I suddenly realized I had lost him. My eyes searched for him several minutes not finding him even though I knew he was there.


Not a buoy for swimming, fishing net

Can you spot him? The result is at the bottom of this post.

Never swim without Safety buoy. Do not believe you are as visible as you think when the for example the sun is shining and the waves is scattering the light.

Always have a different color on you swimcap and you buoy. A fast going boat must be able to distinguish you quickly  from a fishing net.


Can you spot the arm?

Do not imagin your decision is yours only. If a boat drives over you there is a driver and perhaps passangers like small kids watching you getting massacred

The buoy is also a “rescue” if you get in trouble like getting cramp. Pull it in, rest and reconsider your situation.

Bring a mobile in a water prof plastic bag in your buoy.

Use Safe Sea jellyfish sting protective lotion if you want to avoid that kind of unpleasant situation.