Safety: Swimming round Yttre Lönn

The sea was smooth as a mirror. I was alone.

There was a eastward land breeze so weak making it possible to stay on the windy side of the small island. This gave the me the opportunity to swim westward completely “unsheltered”. I would swim round the little island Ytter Lönn south of Gothenburg.

When I was ready to jump in the water I realized the dilemma of barnacles, slippery wet rocks, wetsuit and wearing a safety bouy.  To save both my toes and my wetsuit from damages I used the boat for stepping down into the water. I felt like a goose…

I swam out westward and around the island. Despite there had been wind from east for many days I could feel the old sea hovering from west. The sea was glossy like a mirror. I floated up and down watching with delight the amazing algae, small fish, reefs and deep graves.

There was nothing between me and Læsø
It was magical. Me and The Big Blue …

I swam north and back into the lagoon. There were people everywhere – swimming, sunbathing or drinking coffee. They were curious and shouted to me wondering what I was doing. I was told I was very “visible” – pink buoy and orange swimming cap. I swam over my first two jellyfish since I started swimming OW that spring. They made no harm to me since they were deep enough. But I do recall the feeling…

I swam alone this time something I never can recommend anyone. In my defense I must say the weather was extremely good, the sea was calm and I had friends on the island that kept an eye on me all the time.

Safety Tips:

  • Use safety buoy

  • Always use a colored swimming cap but not the same color as the buoy. That way, you will be distinguishable from any fishing twine along the coastline – they usually have the same color on all the floats.

  • Read the wind conditions. If the wind direction may challenge your swimming capacity then select a route that gives you tailwind home. Remember that often in the afternoon a westward wind might get pretty brisky.

  • If you swim alone – have friends on land that keep you under surveillance.

  • If you get cramps or if something else happens – haul the buoy in and rest on it. Wink at your friends.

  • Buy a small waterproof plastic bag for your mobile and bring it in the buoy. If you strand in the wrong place, you can at least reassure the family.

    Use Safe Sea jellyfish protective lotion to avoid unpleasant exeriences