Suunto broke my wrist – but I want to swim!

My most beloved Suunto watch broke my wrist. I am a passionate open water swimmer and am supposed to go for a swim camp whithin the plaster period. I am hearth broken and am trying to find a solution.

I lost my balance at an excersice at the gym. My left arm smashed the floor with a terrible force but there was no breaking angle at all. The problem was that I had my big Suunto sportwatch on. It crushed my wrist.

Do you want to swim without getting stung by jellyfish?

I now have 28 days of plaster to look “forward” to. At day 24 I am supposed to go with Copenwater to Santa Anna for a swim camp.

I need your advice in this. From you who have experienced something similar or who work in this area.

Plastic plaster

I can get a plastic plaster before leaving but I heard that they dry up so slowly that it can become a problem. Mold beneath is nothing I want. One other problem is that plastic plaster is put on all around the arm meaning the tissue cannot swell. The airline company might stop me from travelling.

Orthosis/ Orthoctic “glove”

The doctor hinted I might get an orthosis instead the last days – if healing proceeds well. Some sources say they lose shape if the water is too warm meaning it will jeopardize the healing process.

Plastic grids

There are plastic grids that can be printed out with a 3-d printer giving lots of air and a perfect support. But I truly do not know where to find these. My hospital do not know about them.

3-D printed plaster cast


Can I swim at all?

Can I swim at all with a plastic plaster or an ortros? I am thinking about working angles, pain etc. Will I put bad load on other parts of my arms/shoulders if I do so?

I think swimming with the cast will be close to this. I have used these tools for training. It is OK.

The plaster is supposed to be removed during my stay. Is this advisable at all? In what shape will my arm be? Is it safer to keep the plaster? I mean, it might work better with plaster on than removing it during the stay


Why I want to go so desperately

The travel is very important to me. I have had a few years with contants injuries – both knees and impinged shoulder. For the first time in three years I was perfectly well to swim.

I got plantar facilities this spring meaning I cannot run. My knees still stops me from biking. Only swimming and gym is the possible exercise for a while.

On top of that I had several diseases this winter stopping me from training and enjoying life. Kidney stone, winter flue and a very painful swimmer’s ear for example. I had my share of bad luck for a while. This journey was a new start for me.

So please guide me! I need your support.